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Woodeaton Manor School,

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Parents & Carers Meetings

On the 2nd Monday of every half term parents and carers are invited to attend a session covering a range of topics.
Meetings usually start at 7pm with refreshments provided.


Teacher: Mr Holifield

Course: WJEC Eduqas, GCSE Drama 9-1
2 years – Linear

First teaching from September 2016

Drama is offered as a full GCSE at Woodeaton. It is a 2 year course in which pupils can build confidence and develop teamwork skills as we study both acting and the theatre. Our syllabus is based around the qualification offered by WJEC. The course specification can be found at:

Pupils are timetabled for 2 hours of Drama lessons per week. These usually will be an hour of theory and an hour of practical. In our theory slots, we look at any written work as well as look at a history of the theatre and theatrical methods of the past and present. In our practical sessions, we become actors and explore ways of rehearsal and acting based on either other people’s work or our own.

The assessments all take place in Year 11 and comprise of:

Devising Theatre


Practical assessment


Pupils will produce a piece of theatre based upon a stimulus given to them. They will also write between 750-900 words about their creative process.

Performing from a text (20%)

Practical assessment


Pupils will perform a 10-minute extract of a text in a chosen style. Pupils will write 150 for the examiner about their own artistic intentions for the piece.

Interpreting Theatre (40%

Written assessment


Pupils will answer questions based around a play text studied from the view of an actor, a director and an audience member. They will also answer questions based around a live performance they will have seen.


Drama is a great opportunity for pupils to work together and improve their teamwork skills while also enjoy a more practical learning style. At the end of the course, pupils should be more confident in their own abilities and have improved social skills. The course offers many opportunities for trips to see live performances as well as links to other GCSEs such as English and History.

Throughout the course, we do regular progress checks through pupil performances and written work.


A useful website for pupils to access is: