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Parents & Carers Meetings

On the 2nd Monday of every half term parents and carers are invited to attend a session covering a range of topics.
Meetings usually start at 7pm with refreshments provided.


At Woodeaton Manor School French is taught in Key Stage 3 and, in accordance with new statutory requirements, was introduced into Key Stage 2 (The Nest) as of September 2014. Students have the opportunity to continue French as an optional GCSE subject in Key Stage 4. 

In French lessons, students are encouraged to see the importance of learning a language and how it can be used in future life. We aim for pupils  to develop an understanding of not just the language, but also  French culture, life style and experiences.

Key stage 3

Our curriculum has been designed to cover the requirements of the latest National Curriculum Programme of Study for French and to prepare students for the option of a GCSE course in KS4.

Pupils have one hour of French a week. Our topics are outlined in the grids below. This is an in –house curriculum that has been devised to meet the specific needs of our pupils who often find the challenge of learning a new language, especially speaking it, quite difficult.  We aim to create a very supportive atmosphere where pupils can grow in confidence and experiment with their language skills.

Topics have been chosen that will be relevant and interesting for pupils but which will also allow them to progressively deepen their grammatical understanding of key structures, patterns and tenses and increase their range of vocabulary. As they progress through Key Stage 3 the emphasis will shift from being mostly receptive to new words and phrases, to being able to transcribe more complex phrases and paragraphs, to be able to listen and respond appropriately and to initiate and develop conversations in which they can pass on information and share their opinions and views. The topics in year 9 cover much groundwork preparation for the GCSE course.

As well as focusing on pupils’ abilities to speak, listen to, read and write in French we teach them language learning strategies, many of which have cross curricular benefits.


Pupils are continually assessed informally by staff using a variety of methods:-

  • Written work.
  • Verbal discussion.
  • Question and answer sessions.
  • Listening to, observing, and talking to students throughout all lessons.

More formal assessment is undertaken at the end of terms two, four and six.

Pupils are regularly given feedback on their progress and on how to make improvements to their work verbally and in their exercise books.

We are in the process of reviewing our options for assessment as a result of the recent government requirement that we no longer use national curriculum levels.

KS3 Curriculum overview 2016

Year 7

Autumn Term
Terms 1 and 2

Spring Term
Terms 3 and 4

Summer Term
Terms 5 and 6


Numbers 1-20

Days, months of year /date

Classroom instructions/requests

Personal information


My family

Parts of the body

Describing people

Pets and wild animals


Asking for information


Where we live

Francophonie (the world community of French speaking countries)


My home



Numbers to 100


The Euro

A French Café


Nb as the year progresses the number of  topics will decrease as each  one   is developed in more depth and will cover more vocabulary, grammar points and verb practise.

Year 8

Autumn Term
Terms 1 and 2

Spring Term
Terms 3 and 4

Summer Term
Terms 5 and 6

In Town


Likes and dislikes

My weekend

Telling the time

Food and drink

Eating out


Daily routines

School subjects/ timetable

Weather and seasons





Year 9

Autumn Term
Terms 1 and 2

Spring Term
Terms 3 and 4

Summer Term
Terms 5 and 6

Health and illnesss



A Trip to Paris

Free time, films, music and the internet


TV Programmes

Giving opinions and reasons

World issues - Environment / Poverty


The future, jobs and careers


Key stage 4

Teacher: Mrs Castle 
Course: AQA, GCSE French 9-1, 8658 
Duration: 2 years – Linear

First teaching from September 2016

French is an optional GCSE in years 10 and 11. We follow the AQA GCSE French Course. This is composed of three main areas known as contexts. 

The contexts are;

  1. Identity and culture
  2. Local, national, international and global areas of interest
  3.  Current and future study and employment

The exam is divided up according to the four Language Skills; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Each one of these has its own separate exam, at either foundation or higher level. All exams must be taken at the end of year 11. 

The table below is an overview of the topics taught. Within each topic pupils will learn new vocabulary. As they move through the course, there is development and progression in the complexity of language they encounter, the grammar points covered and verb tenses.



Year 10

Autumn term

Me my family and friends

Technology in everyday life

Spring term

Free time activities

Customs and festivals

Summer term

Home, town neighbourhood and region


Year 11

Autumn term

Social and global issues

Travel and tourism

Spring term

School life and college

Education post 16 , career choices and ambitions

Summer term



For more information on the GCSE syllabus we follow and an outline scheme of work, go to