Readiness for Learning

The Readiness for Learning Team oversee:

  • Teaching Assistants across the school
  • Intervention work in school as outlined in EHCPs
  • Support for social, emotional and mental health
  • There are two dedicated rooms, upper and lower school.

Key Aims

  1. To support students who are struggling to access learning alongside their peers through timed and targeted interventions which focus on:
  • Curriculum support – literacy, SALT etc
  • Social and emotional support – managing anger, ASD specific support, anxiety etc
  1. To work with those pupils who are out of lessons and give them a space to calm and reflect, using the principles of restorative justice to support understanding.

Curriculum Support

  • support for a lesson in the R4L room.
  • Specific vocabulary building
  • Lexia – supporting reading, writing and speaking

Speech and Language groups

  • Social skills groups
  • Interventions as mentioned in EHCP
  • Talkabout (friendships, who am I?)
  • Social Stories
  • Comic Strip Conversations

SEMH specific

  • Restorative justice
  • Managing anxiety, anger.
  • Self regulation
  • Lego Therapy
  • Zones of Regulation