Communication is a vital part of the curriculum at Woodeaton. The nurturing school environment encourages positive interactions and twice daily pupils meet in the hall with teaching staff to exchange news and information.

As confidence grows, pupils are encouraged to become active participants in these sessions. Some pupils though, have very specific Speech, Language and Communication needs requiring additional support. The Speech and Language Therapist visits school weekly and works with individual pupils, pairs or small groups. Some children are seen less frequently to monitor progress and offer advice to teaching staff.

Programmes of work and resources are made available to teaching staff to help them integrate communication targets into their pupil’s daily school work. The level of each child’s need is determined through assessment and discussion with families, the school Educational Psychologist and teaching staff. Speech, Language and Communication needs may be included in a pupil profile or Statement of Special Educational Need, which is reviewed annually.

The Speech and Language Therapist can be contacted via the school office and is happy to discuss any specific concerns parents may have about their child’s communication skills as they progress through the school.