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Woodeaton Manor School,

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Parents & Carers Meetings

On the 2nd Monday of every half term parents and carers are invited to attend a session covering a range of topics.
Meetings usually start at 7pm with refreshments provided.

Safeguarding at Woodeaton Manor School 

Protecting the well-being of all of our pupils is the most important job we do. To this end, the Governing Body and every member of staff employed at Woodeaton Manor, takes seriously it’s responsibility under section 11 of the Children Act and duties under ‘working together’ to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. We work together with other agencies to ensure the best arrangements exist within our school to identify, and support those children who are suffering harm or likely to suffer harm. 

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children refers to the process of protecting pupils from abuse or neglect, preventing the impairment of their health or development, ensuring that pupils grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe, effective and nurturing care and undertaking that role so as to enable our pupils to have optimum life chances and enter into adulthood successfully. 

Rebecca Shaw is our Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

Nerys Wilkinson is our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

Clare Robertson is our Nominated Safeguarding Governor.

Anne Peake, our educational psychologist, is a Local Authority Safeguarding trainer and as such is able to offer training to all staff in our school, other schools in our partnership and the Local Authority. 

Simon Bishop, as the Headteacher, ensures that the safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures are implemented and followed by all staff. He also ensures that all staff feel able to raise concerns about poor or unsafe practice and that such concerns are handled sensitively and in accordance with the school’s whistle blowing procedures. 

The policy and practices at Woodeaton Manor have been developed in accordance with the principles established by the child Act 1989; and in line with the following: 

  • ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ 2021 
  • ‘Working together to Safeguard children 2018’ 
  • Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board guidelines 


The school has an extensive range of safeguarding related policies, the titles of which can be found on the school website. If you would like a copy of any of the policies, then please contact the school office. 

The protection of children is not just the job of a school; we all have a responsibility. I would urge you to be vigilant and report any concerns or observations that cause you to feel troubled – the damage caused by abuse is life changing.

Safeguarding Polices: public access.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Safeguarding Amendment - COVID-19
Behaviour Management Policy

Safeguarding Policies: restricted access.

To download any of the listed files, please enter the password with which you have been provided. Files are availible in both Word (.docx) and PDF versions.


The files available for authenticated users to download are:

Accident and Incident Investigation Policy
Administration of Medication Procedures
Anti-Bullying Policy
Anti-Racism Policy
Attendance Policy
Bedtime Procedures Policy
Behaviour Management Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Complaints policy
Drugs Policy
Educational Visits - Health and Safety
Emergency fire action plan
Every Child Matters Policy
First Aid Policy
Gift Giving and Receiving Policy
Harassment and Discrimination Policy
Internet Access Policy (for pupils)
Intimate Care Policy
Lone Working Policy
Lone Working Risk Assessment Checklist
Meeting the Needs of Pupils with Medical Conditions
Mental Health Policy
Missing Person and Runaway from School Policy
Mobile Phone Policy (Pupils)
Mobile Phone Policy (Adults)
Photographic Images of Pupils - Guidelines
Positive Handling Policy
PSHCE Policy
Role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead
Safer Recruitment Policy
School Visitors Policy
Searching Individual's Property - Guidelines
Security Policy
Sex Education Policy
Staff Code of Conduct
Supervision of Bathing, Showering, and Changing Procedure
Touch Policy
Transport for Special Needs Pupils - Guidelines for Parents or Carers
Working with Children of Opposite Sex - Guidelines
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation
Preventing Extremism Risk Assessment